Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    AGC inexes evaluation in presence of large wind farms in power systems    Ph.D    ESLAMI, SAYYED MAHDI    2010-02-04
2    Modeling and Analyzing Demand Side Management of a Industrial Consumer considering of Interruptible Loads    M.Sc.    zabetianhosseini, seyed mahdi    2010-06-27
3    Analysis of divestiture policy using concentration problem in electricity market    M.Sc.    ,    2010-09-18
4    Application of Satellite Disinfection System and It    M.Sc.    Jamshidi, Amir    2010-10-30
5    Analysis and prediction of wastewater treatment palnt efficiency using Artificial Neural Network model (ANN) and optimizing the model with the help of Genetic Algorithm(GA)    M.Sc.    Rafat Motavalli, Fereshteh    2010-10-30
6    A Distribution company Energy Acquisition Programming With Interruptible Loads And Distributed Generation Units    Ph.D    safari farmad, hadi    2010-11-05
7    Evaluation of private sector investment in power plants based on uncertainties    M.Sc.    JAZMI, REZA    2010-12-22
8    Fast and Intelligent Power System Security Assessment Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network    M.Sc.    Seyed Javan, Seyed Dawood    2011-02-18
9    Circuit breaker maintenance scheduling based on composite system reliability    Ph.D    abbasghorbani, morteza    2011-12-12
10    statistical analysis and probabilistical modeling of electricity price aimed to electricity market monitoring    Ph.D    hajiabadi, mohamad ebrahim    2012-01-19
11    Reliability Based Prioritization of Network Buses to Implement Demand Side Management    M.Sc.    adineh, behrooz    2012-03-08
12    Optimum Hydraulic and Quality Operation of Water Distribution Networks    Ph.D    Fotoohi, Mahmood    2012-03-08
13    Prioritize Locations to Install Wind Farms From the Viewpoint of Economic and System Reliability    M.Sc.    hosseinpour, mostafa    2012-05-21
14    Space vector modulation of matrix converter in overmodulation region    M.Sc.    Bozorgi, Amir Masoud    2012-05-21
15    “Multi Reservoirs Multi Objective Water Resources Systems Management Using Optimization Models”    Ph.D    noori, mohammad    2012-06-23
16    Analysis of transmission system role in exercising market power using agent based computational economics    Ph.D    Sadr, Seyed Mohsen    2012-12-05
17    Probabilistic power flow in a power system including wind farm considering depndency of network vaiables    Ph.D    armin, azim    2012-12-06
18    Performance improvement of neural networks in daily streamflow prediction using principal component analysis    M.Sc.    ,    2013-01-21
19    Optimal Operation of Smart Micro-grids based on Demand dispatch Approach    M.Sc.    daburi, fateme    2013-04-13
20    optimal coordination of distance and overcurrent relaye considering uncertainties in power system    Ph.D    damchi, yaser    2013-05-15
21    Non-technical loss assessment in distribution network feeders using state estimation    M.Sc.    alaie faradonbeh, masoud    2013-06-01
22    Vulnerability Assessment in Power system considering network topology    M.Sc.    Amadeh, Majid    2013-06-08
23    Parameter Estimation for Nonlinear Muskingum Model Using Meta-Heuristic Optimization Algorithms    M.Sc.    khorshidi, samaneh    2013-06-09
24    Optimization of Satellite Disinfection Method in Water Distribution Systems on the Basis of Flow Fluctuations, Temperature, Type and Age of Pipes.    M.Sc.    GHahramani, Armaghan    2013-09-07
25    Developing a voltage control strategy for multi-terminal DC (MTDC) grids with transmission loss minimization    M.Sc.    ,    2013-11-09
26    Developing a Fuzzy Heterogeneous Multi-Attribute Group Decision-Making under Uncertainties and Risk Analysis; Applications for Effective Watershed Management    Ph.D    Javidi Sabbaghian, Reza    2014-02-01
27    Decomposition of Household Electricity Consumption Variations and Its Effective Factors in Urban Areas of Iran.    M.Sc.    tavana najar, amir    2014-03-11
28    Two-objective optimal design of urban water distribution networks with emphasis on minimizing cost and maximizing pipe performance parameters    M.Sc.    ZARRINGHALAM, FARANAK    2014-04-19
29    Locational Marginal Pricing in Natural Gas Network and its Impacts on Power System Operation    M.Sc.    hejazi, amin    2014-05-03
30    Enhancement of productivity in Electric Distribution System by Transformer Asset Management    M.Sc.    Mirjalili, Reza    2014-05-31
31    providing distribution system reliability considering customers' Preferences    Ph.D    mohammadi, rahim    2014-06-25
32    Implementation, comparison and improvement on mutation operator in Differential Evolution (DE)    M.Sc.    Sharifi Noghabi, Hossein    2014-09-14
33    Economic feasibility of solar power plant with a capacity of 25 MW and comparing it with the case of generating electricity from fossil fuels in the industrial town of Kashmar city    M.Sc.    akhtarshenas, seyedkazem    2014-10-07
34    power system security evaluation based on identification of security region using operative descriptor variables    Ph.D    Seyed Javan, Dawood    2014-10-10
35    Performance improvement of simulated annealing algorithm using atomic motion simulation    Ph.D    shojaee ghandeshtani, kambiz    2015-02-04
36    Cost-Effective Hybrid PV/Diesel/Battery System    M.Sc.    mahmood khuyi, morteza    2015-02-13
37    Non-Technical Loss Estimation in Distribution Network via State Estimation in Data Shortage Condition    M.Sc.    Firoozi, Hooman    2015-07-04
38    Model and parameter uncertainty analysis in modeling saltwater intrusion into aquifers in the vicinity of deserts using a hybrid method    Ph.D    yousefi, ali    2015-09-22
39    Evaluation of Distribution Transformer Load Profile Based on Residential Consumer Behavior Analysis    M.Sc.    Alitabar Firouzjah, Akbar    2015-11-21
40    Determine The Optimal Time To Replace Distribution Transformers Using Dynamic Programming: Technical And Economic Analysis    M.Sc.    kamalahmadi, iman    2015-11-28
41    Analysing the Effect of Wind Generation Penetration Increment in Khaf Region on Khorasan Transmission System    M.Sc.    aazami, nahid    2016-01-02
42    Reliability evaluation of interconnected systems of Iran and Iraq under generation uncertainties    M.Sc.    Brayyich, Mohammed    2016-06-11
43    Simulation of diffusion model for photovoltaic units in power system    M.Sc.    Rezvanian, Masoud    2016-06-11
44    Designing photovoltaic power plants support policy based on system-dependent metrics    Ph.D    Poursalimi, Mohammad Javad    2016-06-28
45    Distribution LMP calculation considering distribution network technical constraints    M.Sc.    Nematshahi, Saeed    2016-10-15
46    Smart micro-grid Optimal operation using demand dispatch considering the uncertainty of renewable energy resources    Ph.D    Daburi Farimani, Fateme    2016-10-15
47    A General Framework for Loss Estimation in Distribution Network Based on Load Profile with Minimum Information    M.Sc.    sarjan, hamed    2016-12-31
48    Bi-Level LMP based energy acquisition model of distribution company using interruptible loads considering load constraints    M.Sc.    erfani haghani, ehsan    2017-05-20
49    The maximum permissible capacity of distributed generation units considering operational constraints.    M.Sc.    vafaei nezamkhah, mohammadreza    2017-06-03
50    Gas fired power plant coordination considering gas network losses and efficiency of units    M.Sc.    ghasemi, masoud    2017-06-03
51    Investigation, analysis and evaluating the cost of participation in frequency control for the power plants    M.Sc.    hosseini, mohamad    2017-10-07
52    Quantum game theory    M.Sc.    ashoori, fateme    2017-10-23
53    Scheduled Integrated Generation and Transmission Maintenance Considering N-1 Contingencies    M.Sc.    rahnama, meysam    2017-12-09
54    Optimal arrangement of system and topology of transmission system to prevent steady state overvoltage in light load periods of the Khorasan region    M.Sc.    GHIAMY, SAJJAD    2018-03-17